Women’s Ministry

Hope Worship Center’s Women’s Group meets monthly and strives to provide: spiritual growth, inspiring worship, emotional support, a prayer partner, refreshing discipleship and an opportunity to lean on someone else for conversation and fun that is just for the ladies while we grow in Christ likeness and serve with purpose.
And of course as an added bonus, delicious food and sharing recipes is another benefit of being part of our women’s ministries.
Please join us for support for your life needs or to support our efforts through the work at Hope Worship Center and the women’s ministry.

Personal note from Pastor Audra Walsh

“We know that experiencing the love of God can change us in ways we can never imagine.
We are his hands and feet on this earth and, so it is our responsibility to spread that love both in our words and in our actions.
We would love to have you as part of the women’s ministry – I hope we see you soon!”
Pastor Audra Walsh