What We Believe

The Scriptures are the inspired Word of God (2 Timothy 3:16).
The absolute deity of Jesus Christ.
“All have sinned and come short of the glory of God” (Romans 5:12) and Jesus gave His life to redeem and restore man back to God. (Ephesians 2:8)
We are saved by repentance through faith in the work of Calvary.
Baptism by immersion as a symbol of our identification with Christ’s death, burial, and resurrection.
Baptism of the Holy Ghost, evidenced by speaking in unknown tongues as the Spirit gives utterance.
Holiness in living. (Hebrews 12:14) We believe in the doctrine of sanctification as a definite, yet progressive, work of grace.
Communion as a memorial to Christ’s death and resurrection.
We should have the fruits of the Spirit active in our lives.
Belief in miracles and healing through the power of God, through the prayer of faith, and by the laying on of hands.
(Mark 16:18, James 5:14, 15)
Earnestly seek after the gifts of the Spirit.
The second coming of Christ.
We must be a part of the local body of believers.

We believe in building a kingdom of believers not in building a church.