hope worship center pastors rick and audra walshPastors Rick and Audra Walsh

Rev. Rick Walsh is the Senior Pastor of Hope Worship Center and an ordained minister with the Pentecostal Church of God headquartered in Bedford, TX. He and his wife Audra have been in the ministry for over fifteen years. They moved from Tampa, FL to Ashland City in 2005 when the Lord called them to move to Nashville and begin serving Him in Middle TN.
Their relationship is a Gift from God. He prayed to God one day in the car after a song was playing on the radio about love being out there and finding someone to love. His prayer was that God had someone out there for him that was meant for him and his journey. His life had not always been great, and he wanted to show others that God has such a compassion for people and if he could change him, God could change and help everyone. And that whatever God wanted for him out of this life, he knew He would send him someone that was meant to be his partner in this life. He knew his work for God came first so needed someone who would understand his love of people and desire to show them Christ Love.

  They met on a blind date and didn’t talk for a month afterward. Pastor Rick kept trying to get her attention and after a little while she finally agreed to talk to him, and they talked every day for 3 months on the phone all night long. He knew it felt right with Sister Audra. God had answered his prayer.   Her story is a little shorter. “I started out on a blind date just to have a night out and do something different. I ended up finding the man that God would use to save my life. His kind heart and gentle spirit gave me a sense of love, acceptance and security that completely turned my life around”

Audra loves being a pastor wife, but more importantly she loves working for the Lord. 
She says what drives her daily is knowing that there are so many people struggling with hurts and heartaches – and feeling like they must carry the burden on their own. We know that experiencing the love of God can change them in ways they could never imagine. We are his hands and feet on this earth and, so it is our responsibility to spread that love both in our words and in our actions. She just wishes there was enough time, support and energy in the day to help everyone who needs it.
Together they have 5 kids, 2 dogs and 7 grandchildren. They also work in leadership positions and are very active in their church district. They believe strongly in building the next generation of leaders – finding the lost and equipping the found. At the heart of what they do, they aren’t leading a church, they are working to build the kingdom of God and bring hope to people when they need it the most.